Friday, October 3, 2008

Quiet Times

It's been a little while since I've posted and a few people have been asking why? I could say "I've been so busy at work" or "too busy with family commitments" or "I've just been lazy".....and while some of the above is true, the real reason has been the rainy weekend weather. For me I like to blog when I can tell a story (with pictures) and the rainy, foggy weather last weekend was somewhat limiting. But not so much that we were kept from birding -- that rarely happens! So since today is a beautiful early Friday morning -- and the weather promises to be perfect this weekend -- I decided to gear up with a short post featuring some of the highlights from the weekend of September 27-28th. Fringed Gentian is always a delight. There's just something about the color and finding these flowers in autumn when so many of the other blooms have passed.
An American Bittern at Coy's Brook in West Brookfield kept me fascinated for 20 minutes while he/she faded in and out of the marsh grass until she just disappeard.
And then there was this crazy looking Green Heron who was definitely intent of something in the grasses below.
A bright spot along the Quabog River (which is where we had the Green Heron) with the swamp maples heralding what hopefully is to come with fabulous foliage in October. Although that's always a double-edged sword -- great foliage = too many "leaf peepers".

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