Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sandhill Crane in New Braintree!

Coming home from Quabbin we decided to take back roads. The reason was Mark felt it would be a perfect day to look for a Sandhill Crane. Damn if he wasn't right!!! Sure enough along Hardwick Road in New Braintree (just west of Winimusset Meadows) at the back side of a mowed cornfield was an adult Sandhill Crane. He/she was trying to stay out of the wind so hopefully it was going to stay for a little while, since we called as many Worcester County birders whose numbers I had programmed into my cellphone.


  1. wow..i didnt know that you could see sandhills there..very your blog..i visit it regularly to see what birdies you are seeing..

  2. Thanks for the call on both the Barrow's and this excellent Sandhill Crane! What a weekend thanks to you two!