Friday, May 1, 2009

The Last Weekend in April Part 1 -- No Birds

Warning.....this is a non-birding post to the blog, so for those of you who DO NOT want to see children and animals please sign off now. (Mark, this warning is especially for you!) Okay, for the past few years I have this guilty springtime ritual -- I LOVE to visit the Sawmill River miniature horse farm in West Brookfield To convince myself that it's not really about me, I usually do it as part of a birding trip when we're in the area....or I take one of my granddaughters. This year was Maggie's turn. But we also visited the Fish Hatchery in Belchertown, and sometimes I think the kids enjoy feeding the fish more than watching the miniature horses. So here's a quick tour of BOTH!
Just like going to the zoo, you have to make sure you have quarters for the "fish food" gumball machine! We brought along a baggie since little hands can't quite seem to keep the food intact while transporting it down the long rows of pools.
The fish definitely swirl around and sometimes splash you. But I think Maggie actually thought they might jump out and grab the food right out of her hand. And now to up the ante on the "Hallmark" cuteness factor....
They definitely fall into the "all kittens and puppies are cute" category.

Since this was all about a day for just Maggie (no siblings) she got to pick her favorite picture (above) and that's how I'm ending this blog.


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