Sunday, April 19, 2009

Everything's in Spring mode

We kicked off Year 3 of the Breeding Bird Atlas project last week at Broad Meadow Brook MAS in Worcester. We had a great turnout and spent time strategizing around block busting and different ways to bird this year. Worcester County is in such good shape as we start Year 3 of the 5-year project -- thanks to everyone who's contributing! With spring underway, it's so important to get out and start observing all the wonderful signs of spring renewal. I've always found that nature is a great healer and rebalancer....for me. And right now everything is in great plumage and either trying to attract a mate or already successfully breeding. Here's an assortment of shots from the last two weekends out and about in the Brookfields out to Quabbin.
Male turkey in full display in front of the Administration Building at south Quabbin.
You really get a chance to see how he uses every bell and whistle he has!
Flicker looking for juicy spring ants....
A pair of Wood Ducks on a small wooded beaver marsh in West Brookfield
Great Blue Heron on nest in the same marsh.
Bluebirds look sharp any time of the year. This is near the marsh with the GBHeron rookery on Walker Pond in Sturbridge.
Red-bellied at the nest hole.
We had Canada Geese nesting in several areas.
And who could not think this baby llama is adorable?
Right at the entrance to Wells State Park is a small wooded marsh and this Great Blue thought he was well-camouflaged behind this tree stump.
And my first shot this year of a true spring warbler! There were a small group of Palm Warblers working the trees also at the entrance to Wells.

Well it's almost 6 a.m. and we're late getting out into the field....gotta go


  1. It took me a while to see that hiding GBH..I guess it did a pretty good job!
    Thanks for the tour of birdies that you are seeing..
    And of course that cute Llama.

  2. Love the Palm Warbler picture! Great picture of the Wild Turkey as well. Such vivid color.