Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mark's Goodbye to Gremlin....

I'm not at a point yet where I can say anything, but since many people have asked for "Grem updates" I thought I would post Mark's note to some friends from this previous Thursday....
I just wanted to let a few friends know that our truly beloved cat, Gremlin died late this morning at Tufts. He had developed heart arythmia early (4AM) Tuesday and we rushed him to Tufts where there is a great cardiac unit. The doctors there tried everything, but the meds that reduced the arythmia made his heart not work well and the reverse was also true. We still thought we would be bringing him home at least for a few weeks as of this morning, but Sheila got a call from the doctor mid-morning that his condition had taken a rapid turn from the worse and he was now almost non-responsive. We rushed down there and there was little doubt that it was 'time" for him to be euthanized. We spent some time with him, but he was in extreme discomfort and distress, still we said our tearful goodbyes, held him and patted him,and stayed with him as he passed on.
You may know that we have had Gremlin for only several years. He was abandoned at our local vet is sub freezing temps in a cardboard box. We took one look at him and knew we had to bring him home: it was obvious he was an amazingly handsome and affectonate cat from our first picking him up at the vets. Almost two years ago, he became very sick, almost died and went into the cardiac unit at Tufts. It was found that he had a leaking aorta and a leaking valve, both terminal and inoperable conditions (for a cat), but that could be "managed" short term with human heart meds. Meaning he could go home, but would not live long. He recovered, came home and quickly became the head of the house. No cat was loved more and showed more affection in return. He was totally active, and despite his heart condiitons , zoomed around the house playing and romping like a kitten literally to the last moment. He certainly epitomized a love of life. He had to have two meds administered every day and we quickly made a decision that we would take no vacations, or even overnights, until he had passed. It just seemed the right thing to do. It was originally thought he might last only a few months, but he kept on ticking for almost two years. He was Sheila's constant companion, always with her at her PC, or with her on the bed, or looking out the window when we went on bird trips. They had a bond that was amazing to behold, I have never seen the like. She named her blog after him.He was a real presence in the household, always in our life, truly part of the family.Even though we knew this day had to come, it doesn't make it any less sad and tearful. There's a huge emptiness in the house that will not be soon filled. But his living so long despite his severe condiitons is also a testament to what good care and affection can do for a cat. There was not a moment when he didn't know he was loved. Attached is a classic picture of the boy..........Mark


  1. This post brings tears to my eyes...

    So sorry fr your loss...Gremlin looked like a beautiful boy..and it was so nice that you took him on knowing of his sickness...
    I know there are no words that will make this any easier.

    We lost our beloved fur boy last year...You can see his photo on the sidebar of my blog.We had a wonderful 13 years with him.. He had cancer and had heart issues..we tried everything to keep him alive..but the time came...and it broke our hearts..

    I still wish he was around and I could pat his little head and cuddle with him. He sometimes comes in my dreams and I can hold him then.

    I hope your boy visits you in your dreams as well.
    Sorry again...very sad.

  2. Thank's clear you've been there.

  3. When a pet captures your heart and becomes part of the family, the loss is hard.

    Do take care.

  4. Sheila and Mark, I am so sorry for your loss. I too type this with tears in my eyes. I went through almost the same exact thing you did at Tufts but with renal failure and it is so tough seeing a beloved part of your family struggle day to day. It is like an emotional roller coaster for the owner as some days are hopeful and others are hopeless as far as their condition goes. Just remember that Gremlin had a wonderful life because of you and the pain he has endured recently is now over. It will get better over time but the sadness will never completely go away.

    You will be in my thoughts.

  5. I came here looking for directions on how to get to the prison camps in Barre Falls Dam, and what I found was an incredibly touching story. I didn't even know Gremlin (or you for that matter) but I can see that Gremlin had such a great life when he was with you! I am sure that he left this world knowing that he was loved.


  6. Thank you, Kristi...he was a totally awesome cat and will be missed.

    Did you find the directions you were looking for?

  7. Just logged on after a long absence and learned about Gremlin. I am so sorry for your loss, knowing how it is when you lose a loved pet. You gave Gremlin so much love and a great life, despite the difficulties, and I'm sure it made him a very happy cat indeed. Best to you both. Barbara

  8. Same as skyprancers, I haven't been on in a while, and just found out about Gremlin. I am so sorry for your loss, but so happy that Gremlin had such a loving family to care for him after he was so cruelly abandoned. It's extremely painful to be there trying to comfort a beloved pet as they fade away before your eyes, but I have no doubt that you and Mark did comfort Gremlin a great deal even in his pain. A few years ago our family dog passed away after 14 years with us--I grew up with Lady.

    My thoughts are with you.