Friday, August 15, 2008

More Photos

Okay, so Mark gave me some feedback about doing a better job identifying the who, what and where in my photos. So I thought I'd try another quick post and see if I can make this blog a little more interesting. The following 3 shots represent very different subjects....and it's a little like Sesame Street's "which one doesn't belong here".

This is a shot of one my favorite places in the Hawley area. It's a fabulous field of lupines that we see every year, only this year when we were atlasing we hit it at PEAK bloom. We ended up talking to the guy who owns the land and it was passed down in his family and they activiely cultivate the flowers. He said they had been written up in Yankee Magazine and people show up yearly to see the spectacle. Unfortunately, sometimes they think that the flowers are truly wild and pull out their buckets and shovels thinking they can dig them up and take them home to their gardens!

Since we live in the city, we don't have a huge yard and feeder area, so getting this male Baltimore Oriole feeding his young offspring right in the tree outside Mark's office was a total delight. They didn't stay long....just made a quick tour of the area and left.

And now for something completely different.......I still can't figure out why they went to all the trouble of creating this totally unique, bizarre- looking drive-thru ATM machine! It's located in the plaza right off the rotary on Rt. 2 west in Greenfield, and I have to admit......I'm fascinated by it! We watched the "tree" being constructured when we headed out Rt. 2 on various birding trips, and couldn't figure out what they were actually building. Then one day there was the ATM!

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