Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nighthawk Watching at Rt. 56

One of the signs that summer is coming to a close is the annual nighthawk watching that we do at the Rt. 56 overlook of Worcester Airport. It's always interesting to see what else is around while you're waiting for the "big numbers" to start pushing south.
This pair of American Goldfinch nervously kept coming to a puddle Friday evening when we were there....after 2 days of sun and warm temps the puddle had evaporated and these guys were relegated to the fields with the bobolinks and green darners.

Two nights in a row this Mourning Dove came and perched on the same pole. Maybe it wasn't the same bird, but I like to think it was and that he just wanted his photo taken!

Finally the nighthawks start coming in from the northeast and we spend the rest of our time searching the skies for these acrobatic flyers.
I put trying to catch these guys against a totally blue sky in the "challenging" category to say the least.

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